Why did I fall in love with you?

I'm not sure myself. But let me try to remember..

I remember that I never noticed you in class. You belonged to a group of friends that didn't interest me. A group of bad boys. The first time I talked to you felt forceful too. Because I came to class too early and you were already there too, sitting at the back row. So I felt impolite if I didn't make a conversation with you because we were the only people in the room. So I approached you, and said the stupidest line in my whole life without even asking your name first. "You know why nobody wants to be your friend? Because you're one of those bad boys." Surprisingly, you just looked at me and laughed out loud. And I got back to my seat because our lecturer arrived.

I remember, we still didn't exchange names even after that awkward incidence. It was only when I was walking with Lucas, our classmate, that you asked for his number, and asked for mine too. And I gave my number without asking back yours. When you were saving my number, I spontaneously said, "Diana. What's your name?". You just walked off, but after a few steps you turned your back and shouted, "Sai!".

I remember not liking you. You were a bad boy, for whatever that actually meant. Who on earth stops and wears his sunglasses first just to walk from the cafeteria to the classroom? No one but you.

I remember, I started getting short messages from you. You invited me for dinner a few times. But I never accepted. Until you asked whether I would join you study for tomorrow's quiz. I finally accepted.

I remember not having any topic to talk about at that time, so I just kept on reading my book. It was about Walt Disney. Then we started to discuss about the articles and things felt more comfortable. And this act of studying together became a regular activity.

I remember that you would always bring me a bar of chocolate so I can eat it while studying. I liked that.

I remember, we eventually went out to play bowling, but with our other friends too. You picked me up, and I was so nervous that I had to peek out the window first to see what you were wearing so I wouldn't embarrass myself. "Look, Intan. That's the guy," I told my lil' sis. We both laughed because we thought you were so 'Bollywood'. Not that it's bad, it was just something very new to me.

After all..

I remember, you became that person I would look for when I'm sad or in trouble. Like that day when I ruined my dress, and I called you to weep about it. And you calmed me down saying that you'll buy me a new dress. You never really did, but you just saying that already made me feel better.

I remember us walking down the campus aisle at night, and I raised a topic. "You're actually not a bad boy. It's all just a mask. You have a really kind heart, you're just locking it inside this thick shell because you're too afraid to get hurt. You'll realize that when someone eventually cracks that shell."

I remember prom night was coming, and I asked you who you're coming with. You said you're gonna ask out the cutest girl in campus.

And I remember, we ended up attending prom night together. And it became so clear. I cracked your shell. And I was officially the cutest girl in campus. At least for you. Sometimes a person we least expected is actually the person who is the best person who can fit perfectly for us.
Always be a happy