I’m ignorant. That’s why I have almost no interest with you. I like silence best, but I love more being with you.

I’m ignorant. That’s why I don’t care with others. I care about things that amazed me; nature, civilization, love, relationship. But I don’t care bout people. I always think they are complicated and too hard to understand. Or maybe I simply just too in love with myself. And you.

I’m ignorant. That’s why people rarely being with me. I mean, why bother to me while I’ve never care about  peoples? I have my family and a few good friends. And that’s just enough for me. I don’t need more drama. I don’t need more ‘fake’ attachment.

I’m ignorant. If you say that I’m caring and kind, maybe that’s because you’re one of my interest. Or maybe you haven’t know me that well. I’m a liar. I’m changing my mind each and every minutes. But I always keep my promise. I try my best  being true to every words I said.

I’m ignorant. I’m moody and hardly to be tamed. But If you love me deep enough, you’ll stay with me no matter what. Because no matter how stubborn I am, I’m not going to leave peoples who love me. For I know the best how it feels to be left alone.

I’m ignorant. I don’t care how you act and how you talk. Who you are and what you think. I’ll never let you go. And that’s my only promise.

I’m ignorant. I’m doing things that give me personal benefits. I’m playing nice with people I love, being mean to my enemies, and trying to stay calm in front of stranger.  I’m no sincere yet naïve. Sometimes I’m act foolish and sly. But yes, that’s me.

I’m ignorant. And maybe that’s why you left.